For the first time, there are instant savings available on RF mount lenses in the USA. You can save up to $200 instant at our exclusive retailer Adorama. We're not sure how long these savings will last.

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  1. This is why I'm never going down the route of an early adopter ever again...I've been burned too many times already. These days I wait to mid life cycle for a DSLR and about 1-2 years for lenses before I purchase.
  2. For those who are moaning and groaning, didn't you enjoy being the first kid on your block with the new toy? This isn't just Canon. This isn't just photography. This isn't just electronics! Think motor vehicles, fabulous new dresses, kitchen gadgets...It's part of being a consumer! We are conditioned to want it ASAP! Hot, hot, hot!

    But don't fret! If we haven't learned by now, we probably never will.

    (I would have been right in there if the EOS R had been an upgraded 5DIV, and I probably will be when that type of RF-mount body does come out. And who wants to bet there won't be lens discounts then?)

    A 50mm f/1.2! A 50mm f/1.2! My kingdom for a 50mm f/1.2!
  3. I bought my R/RF stuff during the holiday season. There weren't any sales specifically on the camera gear, but they were more general 10% off sitewide or for points that I redeemed for subsequent purchases. It was the only reason why I had jumped into the R ecosystem so early after playing with it in a camera store. It also allowed me to unload a bunch of EF glass.

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