We have finally confirmed that the Canon EOS RP body is going to cost $1299 when it launches tonight and will come in 3 kits in the USA.

Canon EOS RP USA kits available at launch:

We're not sure if the EG-E1 extension grip and included Canon Mount Adapter will be a limited time preorder deal or not. However, if you have an interest in the EOS RP, get ready to preorder it tonight to take advantage of this amazing aggressive pricing.

You can check out the specifications and images of the Canon EOS RP here.

We've reported UK pricing as follows: (Unconfirmed and likely include VAT)

  • EOS RP Body & Lens Adapter: £1399.00
  • EOS RP & RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM: £2329.00

A third party has posted the EOS RP on Amazon UK with lower prices than above. You can see the listings here and here. DO NOT preorder from these links as there's nothing official about them. I have not attached any sort of affiliate link either.

Pricing in Japan has been reported as follows: (Unconfirmed and likely includes tax)

  • Body: around 173,340 yen
  • Mount adapter kit: around 194,940 yen
  • RF35 MACRO IS STM lens kit: around 237,060 yen
  • RF35 MACRO IS STM mount adapter kit: around 258,660 yen
  • Mount adapter SP kit gold (limited to 5000 units): around 204,660 yen
  • RF35 MACRO IS STM Mount adapter SP kit gold (limited to 5000 units): around 268,380 yen
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  1. WOW. I must say, I am impressed.

    I wish they would have announced a kit with the rumored RF 24-240 rather than the adapted EF 24-105 STM, but at this pricing I really have no complaints. I would pick the RF 24-105 anyway.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't pre-order, but the price will be right next Christmas too, I think. My main reasons for ordering will be to have a smaller camera on which to use my M42 screw mount lenses with and then as a backup to my fantastic 5D Mark III. The crop factor on the micro 4/3 cameras is just too brutal. However, my tiny wife loves the Olympus for her use... so can't sell it off.

    I can imagine that there will come a moment that the adapter for EF will be bundled in as an incentive later on.
  3. Another happy Canon user looking forward to that camera. Hopefully it is 1299 EUR in Germany and ... wishful thinking ... they have a "naked" body offer for e.g. 1150 EUR or so - I . WANT . TO . USE . THE . CONTROL RING ADAPTER!
  4. The 24-105/4 deal sounds great, and will sound ever greater during holiday season when it'll be $300 cheaper and with a free Pixma PRO-100 plus a 50 sheet ream of 13x19" photo paper thrown in for good measure. Just keeping my fingers crossed that 4K means this will have similar DR to a 5DIV/R instead of a 6DII.
  5. Wow!!! Well there you go. That is some aggressive pricing. I still want to wait for early reviews, but this may be the camera I pick up down the road to start my journey with mirrorless. Good job Canon. Hope it's a success.
  6. I’m going to hold until the 24-70 RF comes out. I will get the lens if the price is competitive or a used EF ii which will have a price hit by the release of a new version.
  7. I just sold off my M5 kit and this is tempting but I'll be patient and see what the next year offers. I'm not sure if I am looking for a replacement to the 5D3 or an addition, but for those who are interested, it's a killer deal.
  8. It will be interesting if they capture new sales with this. There will be Canon users moving to their first full frame and first mirrorless. There are a lot of expensive lens here or coming for it. The RP in particular needs cheap lens. It will go straight to no 1 in full frame sales.

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