We're throwing the idea of a Super35 sensor equipped mirrorless camera (form factor) out there, not based on an actual source telling us such a product is coming, but on some clues we've seen over the last little while.

  • First up, we've been told that a replacement to a current Cinema EOS camera is coming for NAB 2018 in April. We've also been told that a non “Cinema EOS” camera is coming as well. We thought perhaps an ILC version of the XC15 or maybe something else, like a Super35 sensor mirrorless camera.
  • There is also the invitation we were told about last week in regards to a new mirrorless camera. We were told that the sensor area of the camera was cut out of the invitation, suggesting that the sensor was the interesting part of the camera. We know for a fact that no full frame camera is coming soon. We also don't believe a camera between the EOS M6 and EOS M100 would garner any sort of clandestine presentation to higher up people in retail. Perhaps the invite is for a development announcement or its that second camera that will appear at NAB in 2018. Please keep in mind that we have no visual confirmation of this invitation.
  • We have seen patents for EF mount lenses for a Super35 sensor equipped camera that isn't the standard Cinema EOS form factor.
  • We've been told that Canon's next mirrorless camera would have 4K. Now there could be some confusion here with sources. The EOS M50 might not be that “next” camera, but maybe the sources actually mean an NAB mirrorless camera will be the first with 4K. I doubt the EOS M50 would get 4K, as that would pretty much kill the EOS M5 and M6 in my opinion. We do know that Canon is going to align the EOS M model numbers like the DSLRs. EOS Mx, EOS Mxx and EOS Mxxx. I believe the EOS M50 will be a short run camera until the new 4K able APS-C sensors are ready and the entire line gets replaced.

Please keep in mind that none of the above is a guarantee that a Super35 mirrorless is coming, consider this more of a hypothesis. There is however a lot of things pointing to something new from Canon.

We may also just get an APS-C video oriented mirrorless camera. I don't think Canon believes you can make a truly great video camera and a truly great stills camera in one product.

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