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Kipon Develops First EF/EF-S to M4/3 Adaptor with AF

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Chinese manufacturer KIPON has developed the first EF/EF-S to M4/3 adaptor with autofocus.

Five years ago, KIPON developed out world first mechanic adapter with built-in iris, to use Canon EF lens on MFT(m4/3) body, to solve the problem for only electronic iris control of Canon EF lens. Today still KIPON, we bring to market a new world first full Auto-focus adapter, to use Canon EF full frame and EF-S Apsc lens on MFT(m4/3) body.

This adapter equipped with electronic contact and built-in circuit board with chip, besides auto-focus and stability function, also can transmit precise EXIF information to the camera body. The market price for this adapter is 285USD,will be on sale from May 10, 2015.

Visit the KIPON store on ebay (This adaptor will be available on May 10, 2015)

Source: [KIPON] via [PetaPixel]

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