Lots to come
2011 will be the year of the lens, Canon is set to do a big refresh of their lens lineup in 2011. Nikon has done it in 2010.

The first lens I'm still told will be the 24-70 redo, and we already know about the 500 & 600.

The lenses being replaced will be popular flagship type lenses to improve resolution power. The next 1Ds and 5D will be big megapixel cameras (sorry, they're not done with that yet).

Does that mean no EF-S lenses? The only one I could getting a refresh is the 60 macro. I'd like to see the 17-55 get a build quality upgrade (they break a lot as a rental item).

There was also this interview that mentions a big commitment to the EF mount and new products.

Canon's Mirrorless Entry
“It's a 2012 product”

That's all I was told about that.

The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show
I'll be heading to Toronto/Mississauga next Friday to attend the Henry's show. There won't be anything new there, but I can bother the Canon reps. I'm hoping more of the new lenses will be available to touch.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


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