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Macro Lenses & More [CR1]

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Two Coming? (New Source)
Another source has come forward and said Canon will be bringing two macro lenses to us this fall.

The popular 100mm f/2.8 Macro will receive an IS upgrade. The 180 Macro focal length will be changed to 200mm.

The general consensus among most sources is the 70-200 f/2.8L IS will also receive an upgrade.

The other rumored lenses up for replacement are the 35L and 135L. I haven’t received any information about either at this time. I can’t see Canon launching 5 lenses at one time. The original rumor about the 35L is that it will appear with a 1Ds update. I still think that’s a strong possibility.

The new Canon Hybrid IS system will definitely be on display this month, so the primes may just have to wait.

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