The folks at Cinema5D had a chance to interview Canon's Terunori Tajiri to learn more about Canon's little MM100-WS modular camera. The camera may look like a GoPro and other action cameras, but that is not its purpose. It's being targeted as a B2B product.

From Cinema5D:

It should be noted that, first of all, the MM100-WS is not an action camera, but a modular device meant for the B2B market as a solution to fulfil the needs of companies. For example, it could prove useful as a body cam in the security and maintenance sectors, although it may also find a home in broadcasting, as it can be connected to external devices like recorders or encoders for wireless video transmission. Read the full story

Most of the technical specifications for the camera are still not known, but a few things are. We know it'll shoot up to ISO 12800 for video and ISO 6400 for photos, and that it has a maximum video resolution of Full HD along with electronic image stabilization. The camera is quite small measuring in at just 40mm x 40mm x 21.6mm, it is also splashproof and dustproof.

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