We seem to be getting information from new places every week now, so please mind the ratings you're seeing on our most recent posts. However, there are times [CR1] rumors turn out to have some truth to them.

About a new Canon mirrorless:

  1. We're told that a full frame mirrorless will be coming in September.
  2. Canon's new mirrorless will NOT be part of the EOS system, the focus will be on video.
  3. Think EOS 5D Mark IV, but mirrorless.
  4. 4K @ 30/25/24 FPS
  5. Codename begins with Z

Other Information:

  1. New mirrorless lens at Photokina (EF-M 32mm f/1.4?)
  2. New Cinema EOS body coming before Photokina

There's always the possibility that there are multiple cameras are being developed concurrently, and that the above information only covers one of them.

Take this stuff with a grain of salt, but I find some intriguing ideas above that may fit with more cryptic information we've received over the last month or so.

More to come…

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