Ideas sent in for downtime
I liked a few ideas people gave about expanding the information on the site when Canon direct rumors are scarce.

I like the idea of looking at what Sigma, Tokina and Tamron are up to for the EF mount. I will try to get info in that regard. Each of those companies do make some really good products that people desire.

Photoshop mockups!

You know we all love them. So if you've killed some time with creative mockups of Canon product, don't hesitate to send them in via email.

admin [AT]

Keep the questions coming in the comments and via email, I will try to do a question period post every few days.

As always, I am scouring the web and various sources about new and exciting products on the horizon. Next week we get to read about Nikon's amazing new products, I for one will get tired of that fairly quickly!

Thanks for reading.

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