Ever wondered how?
We're featuring an article here by the owner of EdMika adaptors. They're a Canadian based duo that engineers and makes adaptors for the Canon FL 55 f/1.2 lens, and an adaptor for various other Canon FD lenses.

Why would you do this?

Lots of people are buying Zeiss and other manual focus lenses at a pretty handsome price, while there is great old Canon glass that is begging to be used again!

The biggest money saver would adapting the big Canon supertelephoto FD lenses, does a very sharp 600 f/4.5 for $1500 sound appealing?

The new EF lenses are astounding, but that comes with a price.

Please read the article Jakub from EdMika wrote about the process and technology behind what appears to be a simple piece of metal.

Read the article here


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