The 580EX II will remain in the lineup.

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An all new Top-Line Master Controller Flashgun tentatively named 680ex will be launched offering:

  • Master/Slave
  • GN 68 @ 105mm
  • Separate Master/Slave switch previously found on 580EX
  • Zone Control
  • Better switches and improved Screen and Menu
  • Fully Weathersealed
  • Scheduled Launch Date: July-Dec 2010
  • New Generation of Flashguns to be compatible with 40D onwards with Generation 2 Menu Interface.


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  1. If Canon wants to come out of the dark ages with it’s Speedlites and finally catch up to Nikon, it needs to really push the limit with this new one. For starters, 105mm of zoom is pathetic – it needs to reach at least 200mm, to match the SB-900. Full swivel in each direction would be nice, as would perhaps a 5th battery slot, for extra power.

  2. Really, no sarcasm, I am so f’ing happy the Master/Slave switch is back. The 580EX II is wonky about staying on slave (maybe mine’s a reluctant sub?) Canon may have gotten my psychic stink-eye rage for the few seconds I have to toggle back to slave electronically.

  3. They are keeping their horrible IR system for remote firing? I love my camera but their remote system is next to useless when we use them for weddings.

    What are they thinking keeping such limited tech in their new flash? Guess I’ll be waiting to upgrade.

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