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New Crop/APS-C Prosumer Camera Body in the Fall? [CR1]

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70D or 7D Mark II, or both?
Not a lot of talk about crop camera bodies, other than an imminent Rebel announcement with a couple of inexpensive lenses. However, over the last couple of days I’ve been sent a few things about the direction of the APS-C line of cameras. There is talk there will be an amalgamation of the 60D and 7D into one camera. Which means the xxD line would go back to being a higher end camera. No mention of whether it would be called 70D or 7D Mark II.

Do not expect a big megapixel jump from the current 18mp, though it was mentioned it would have a different image sensor than the T4i. The 60D and 7D may end up meeting in the middle as far as features and build quality. Especially if rumors of a new full frame camera in $2000 or less range are true.

I have heard in the past that there would be no direct 7D replacement, although I find that a little hard to believe. I do suspect there will be a shake-up of the APS-C lineup, as we’ve seen already with the EOS-1 and in the coming months the 5D.

There is no defined announcement date yet, but we’re told Canon may be announcing a new interchangeable lens camera every 6-8 weeks heading into Christmas.

EF-S Lenses
Beyond the coming 18-135 IS II, there isn’t a lot mentioned in regards to EF-S lenses.  The only other EF-S lens that has been mentioned is an IS Macro. We’ve heard both 60mm and 85mm IS macro EF-S lenses exist.


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