So you wanna spend a lot of money?
I am getting the same question everyday about the same thing. “When can I get the new 500mm or 600mm lenses from Canon?”. The best answer is.. I don't know. Canon is still maintaining a release date of May 2012, and we still have 23 days left in the month. However, whether that ever meant in large quantity is unknown.

A few facts that don't help too much.

  • Both lenses do appear on price lists, however dealer NET is still listed at “TBA” on the lists I have seen.
  • Neither lens was out from behind glass at NAB
  • Through the grapevine, reps are saying “I don't know” and not “May 2012” in regards to release date.
  • No large retailer I have spoken to has any idea when they're coming.

A couple get released for photographers at Euro 2012 starting June 8, 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. Possibly along with a few final test bodies of the Canon EOS-1D X.

All this could change pretty quickly, I could get an email later today saying they're coming and when they're expected. I have had both on preorder since they were announced in 1972, hopefully inflation won't make them even more expensive.


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