Which one?
I am 99% positive we're going to see a new DSLR next Tuesday, all the clues are pointing that way and I'm willing to give it a [CR3] rating.

What camera? No [CR] rating on this yet.
Everything is pointing to a new 1D series camera, I am getting zero information from sources or from anywhere else on the web about any other camera.  We started hearing 6 months ago that the next EOS camera would be a new 1D and the bits of information are all pointing that way again.

For now the best spec list I have is what I posted a few days ago.

  • 16-18mp
  • Full Frame
  • ISO 51,200
  • Dual Digic V
  • Crazy frame rates of 12-14fps have been reported
  • 61 AF points has also been reported

Stock levels of the 1D Mark IV also point me in this direction. It seems they are very much being built to fill orders. There doesn't seem to be any excess stock too many places.


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