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New feature firmware coming to the EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS-1D X Mark III in the next couple of weeks [CR3]

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I have been told that the new features firmware for the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6 and Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is “done” and will be released in the next couple of weeks.

The EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS-1D X Mark III will all get C-Log 3 and new compression for 4K video.

The EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III will get a Cinema RAW Light option.

The addition of 1080p @120fps will definitely be coming to the EOS R5 as well.

As always with any firmware, a bug could be found that may delay things, but by the sounds of it, the firmware is going out to testers and reviewers relatively soon if it hasn’t gone out already.

Richard Anthony

Feb 24, 2020
Well they are hardly going to make the next firmware updates that good now , especially if they are bring out a cinema version of the R5 .

Andy Westwood

CR Pro
Dec 10, 2016
Good news! very little extra feature will help my R6 to keep hold of its value a little longer and help resale values! What am I talking about, I’m so pleased with the R6 why would I even be thinking this right now :)

Nice also to see Canon supporting its current customers with additional features as well as bug fixes.
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moments that matters
Jan 26, 2021
Only video... How about animal eye AF for the 1DXIII with the next firmware ??? :censored:
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Canon EOS R6
May 13, 2014
Damn, disappointed to see only video features. The only two things that I want to make the R6 absolutely perfect for me is zebra highlight warnings when shooting and auto rotate when reviewing images.
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Eos R , R6 , R5
Jul 9, 2020
No record limits in non heat limited modes and zebras in photo and video for both R5/R6 should here.

That and the custom modes in video on the R6. This feels like a weird thing to be missing. More on the side of unfinished firmware than “feature” for the R5.
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EOS R5 and EOS M50
May 14, 2020
Monterey, California
Hell yes! I've been having a blast with my R5 for the two months I've owned it and I was anxiously waiting for this firmware update. I do hope it at least improves cooldown times for video, but it is already shaping up to be excellent. For my use case, I doubt I would need to change to the R5c, but if possible, I may buy it anyways depending on what other surprises it brings.

Mr Majestyk

Feb 20, 2016
They seriously need alternative codecs for 8K as well, the data rates are absurd. Doubt we'll see many more improvements for video with the R5c incoming.

Only major update I want is more options for shooting speed with e-shutter, 20fps only is annoying, a 10-12fps option would be perfect.
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David - Sydney

CR Pro
Dec 7, 2014
Even their Cinema cameras don't do that.
They will add the Cinema RAW Light option for the 1DX III and R5, I would not expect more than that.
I'm not a cinema camera user but trying to understand the issues.... Cinema RAW light gives a 3-5x reduction in file size/bandwidth. It isn't clear to me if this is only for raw files ie 8k for the R5 or any video mode. Reducing the bandwidth means that the HDMI 2.0 port is able to handle the throughput within its spec. Currently 4k/60 is okay external which is 340Mbps.
4k/120 ALL-I is currently 1880Mbps and 8k/30 IPB/ALL-I/Raw is 680/1300/2600. 8k raw and 4k120 with Cinema raw lite still wouldn't get down to ~340Mbps but could be recorded in the USH-II SD card as 10bit 8k30 IPB can today.
The release of the R5c could change what is possible especially to differentiate from the R5. If the R5c has a HDMI 2.1 port then higher throughput is possible and avoid the internal card size/speed issue.

David - Sydney

CR Pro
Dec 7, 2014
Nope. Thats a limit of the bandwidth of the HDMI port in the R5.

You'll need to wait either for the R5c if it has an HDMI 2.1 port or an R5 mk II
The R5 HMDI 2.0 port can't be changed but using compression (Cinema lite) may allow the port to be used for external recording. Depends on the compression level. Currently, 4k60 at 340Mbps is handled. 5x compression for 8kraw would be >500Mbps so probably not but 4k/120 could meet the spec
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