New Pro Speedlite
I was told today that a new pro flash is in the process of being tested and will greatly benefit users of gels, as well as a “few other surprises” I haven't been told about yet.

Feature List
– Gel info built into unit
– Custom gel accessories from Canon
– A guide number higher than 58. Perhaps as high as 70.
– Some functions of the flash unit are not yet available in EOS cameras, not even the 1D4. Possibly new camera firmware needed.
– Exact announcement date unknown, although 2010 is likely.

That's all for now.


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  1. Wow… my butt… Guess people like Joe McNally are blowing smoke too…

    Have you shot with an off camera flash? Not multiple, just one? Have you read anything about the benefits of off camera flash? If you are shooting with an off camera flash, how are you controlling that flash?

    Are you shooting with a camera that can act as a “commander”? (not using a third party device…) If you’re shooting Canon, the short list of those capable is the 7D. If you’re shooting Nikon, the list is longer… (D90, D300s, D700 or the last 2.5 years worth of camera bodies) So, apparently Canon now agrees that the system of being able to shoot with an IN CAMERA “commander” unit is of enough importance (Nikon’s had this for years… not months… years…) that they’re now bringing it out in their latest camera bodies that have an on camera flash.

    You’re right, it’s the system… I’m a Canon shooter but have invested a lot of time investigating the benefits of adding a Nikon system to my bag of tricks because there are things that their system will do that Canon’s simply will not do… yet. I guess 2.5 years is enough time for Canon to realize it might just be a good idea… So a better system and added features to the flash and availablity for YEARS longer than Canon… hmmm… maybe their on to something…

    It’s not just a multi-flash set up, it’s ANY off camera flash set up… for which some of us have spent a lot of money investing in other forms of kit (pocketwizard TT1 & TT5) just to get our Canon kit to “work more like a Nikon”…

    I’m assuming you have a diffuser for your Canon Flash… was it one that was specifically designed for your Canon flash or is it one that you can buy for ANY brand of flash just as long as it slips over the end or attaches somehow? Do you have a gel pack that was designed specifically for your flash? Does it talk with the camera to let it know which color you’ve installed? The answer to both is NO.

    Rumor has it… Canon FINALLY thinks these things are a good idea and their customers might actually want this stuff! Amazing! Good thing there are really only two leaders of the pack in the camera world… I guess second place is OK with Canon for now… guess they measure their success differently…. Customer talk to me with purchases. Having the best kit to do the job is important enough and now Canon agrees….

    Don’t mind me… I’ll just keep in the corner and keep on smokin’!

  2. What I meant to write was “never use ANY off-camera flashes”. What’s written above is either about off-camera flash, or about topics that I didn’t address at all.

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