Cryptic Emails
Received some info about a new flash that will be launched in the winter.

This is what I think the email was saying.

Guide Number: 205′ / 63m
18mm-250mm Metering
Weather Sealed
Faster Recycle Time
USB Port (??? not sure what that means)

No other specifics at this time.

“ETTL-II” was launched with the 1D Mark 2.


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  1. Here is a wild idea, put blue tooth in the flash and upgrade the ST-E2 to ST-E3 with blue tooth and add a-b-c grouping. Use off the shelf blue tooth chipset (lower cost), make an iphone/ipod touch app to set flash via blue tooth. No need for dip switches just pair the flash with you command device and don’t worry about other photogs triggering your flash. You could probably get 30 ft range easy which in most cases would be sufficient.

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