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Yes, it matters what they're up to. I only post Nikon stuff close to an announcement.

October 14/15, 2009
Nikon will be announcing the successor to the highly successful D3 this week. I've received some CR3 info as has Nikon Rumors who has received a lot more :)

The D3s Specs (NR)

  • Better ISO-performance (ISO 200-12800 probably)
  • New 1.2 crop mode
  • Bigger buffer
  • Motion-Jpeg 720p (no 1080p!)
  • Improved AF-ON button
  • Improved multi-dial
  • No 14 fps, I repeat no 14 fps

The CR3 Specs I received (NR has all the juice):

  • Nikon D3s
  • Oct 14/15th
  • 12 mp
  • ISO 102,400

At the moment no new lenses will be launched with the D3s according to Nikon Rumors.

Nikon is really upping the spec game if these rumors are true (outside of the 1080p omission).


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  1. The 1DsII had noisy ISO 1600. 4-5 years later, the 5DII has noisy ISO 1600. 4-5 years later, cameras will still have noisy ISO 1600

    Who says they are even improving?

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