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New Lens Talk [CR1]

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Prime time
Can we expect 2 new Canon L primes in the fall? According to an email this morning the 35L and 135L will both receive upgrades.

Both lenses will incorporate new build design and coatings. We should see them for the fall I’m told.

There is a new long focal range macro lens being developed with IS. “It would be in the 180mm to 200mm range.”

Big White Lenses
The same source claims no new super telelphoto primes will be launched. However, new 300mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm lenses will be tested in Vancouver for the 2010 games and in South Africa for the World Cup.

CR’s Take
The 35L is definately coming, I think with a 1Ds4 launch. I don’ think we’d see a 135L II at the same time.

I do find the testing of the big white lenses to be logical. I can’t see Canon launching in the fall and producing enough to meet the demand.


43 responses to “New Lens Talk [CR1]”

  1. I’d really like to have a fixed focal length lens with IS. I have little use for the variable focal length of a telephoto zoom, and I don’t want to carry such a heavy 70-200/2.8 beast.

  2. he said “any kind of optical quality” – the sigma is awful. For a company that can make some really nice primes it amazes me that they never seem to really hit the nail on the head

  3. I use macro lenses most of the time. I agree that a 180mm or 200mm macro with image stabilization would be a revolutionary lens. Can you imagine how great it would be photograph in the field without having to tote and set up a tripod for every butterfly landing? I think I would pay just about anything for such a weatherproof macro lens.

  4. “The 135 L is my favorite lens, and possibly the sharpest DSLR lens made.”

    Then you haven’t been paying attention to what the Zeiss 135/1.8 for Sony is doing. There _is_ room for improvement. Not that they’re a world apart, but the Zeiss is better (and a bit faster with 1.8).

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