Sometimes I post stuff about other brands. Stuff I think is cool.

3600641722 562611ab9c - Olympus E-P1?
Front View?
olympus micro four third leaked 590x442 - Olympus E-P1?
Top View?
e p1 - Olympus E-P1?
Side View?

These may be leaked images of the new Olympus Micro 4/3 camera. I think I've had it on preemtive preorder for 6 months. I'm quite eager to see it.

From Photo Rumors


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  1. This is an interesting camera. Apparently it can take canon FD lenses with an adapter (no glass elements), already available on ebay. Now those f/1.2 could come back to life again. Also it can take Leica M lenses. The Panasonic one is already out and does all of that. Samsung is developing an APS-C version of this.

    I also hope this camera means the extinction of the cr**** PS cameras. 1/2.5″ sensor is a joke.

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