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I have witnessed the testing of a new canon video DSLR here in Europe.

To keep it short: the prototype is far from being close to production. There are issues with moire (due to line skipping?). The chip itself is sealed, but the image results look very similar to a 7d. Its also the same type of moire (!) as with the 7d. Canon obviously is aware of that problem and wants to test another chip later this year (newly developed?). The body looks pretty similar to a XL 2 (with EF Mount) but maybe thats for camouflage reasons.

According to a statement from a Canon rep Canon wants to “achieve Red one 2K Quality for roughly half the price of a ready-to-use Red one” (clearly more expensive than a Red Scarlet). No AF. For now recording has been done via HDMI to a nanoflash recorder from convergent design since the new Canon codec (4:2:2) has not yet been implemented into this prototype.

CR's Take
I am not a video guy, that's why I just posted the email. I am learning pretty rapidly though.


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  1. You are correct about the red and the associated accessories, it’s even more true of all cinema cameras. As for “far from essential…” it depends on the user. It’s form-factor makes it ideal for small, quick, low-budget and stealthy w/minimal crew. But larger productions require more features and options that dslrs cannot provide. I use a hoodman loupe w/ funky elastic straps (and don’t get me wrong–I am happy to have it) to frame and focus, but it. is. a. pain. Another issue is lenses with mechanical (vs. electronic) focus rings. I know this isn’t really a form factor issue but it will be for a more “cinema-ish” camera because of how those cameras are used, and for now there are only a few options. Canon offered such a lens for the XL and I think it made some people very happy, but I think this is emblematic of the conflicting needs of the two different kinds of users.

    Knowing I can grab some quick video while wearing my “sports shooter” hat is comforting, but lack of AF and multi-speed zoom makes it impractical for covering any kind of event. Conversely, knowing I can grab some hi-res stills with a FF or APS-C sized “video” camera is really convenient, but I’m sure I won’t be shooting more than a couple at a time. If I can’t afford both cameras, I will go with cheaper and make it work. But if I have a choice, I think the XL form-factor is better for making movies or covering events.

  2. Killfilm/Samtheman on

    ummm,im laughing now! I knew this was coming, and some people who do nothing but shoot uncle bob’s “Home Videos” made fun of me. You guys owe me an apology and you owe yourself to learn more respect towards others. Go CANON, but seriously if you want most of the market or all of it. You gotta do 4:4:4 at 2K (or more), manual controls, RAW recording and variable frame rates for a competitive price.
    I think you would make many other companies poop their pants.

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