Just thinking out loud here
Canon won't be attending PMA as we all know, but they WILL be attending WPPI. They can't be going to WPPI with just the T2i can they?

5D Mark II firmware delays may give a clue as to what is coming down the pipe. Will we get the 60D or the very desired 1Ds Mark IV? I do have a source that swears a 1Ds Mark IV will be around before the end of February.

Again, I'm just throwing this out there.

Another tidbit to think about. Canon has the largest booth at the event and have just launched new ImagePROGRAF printers, The iPF6300/6350 & 8300.

Be patient, they're coming. :)


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  1. i want an update to the 28 1.8 ust an optical overhual cause the lens could be better, not that i am expecting it be as good as the 85 1.8 which is a totaly different beast

  2. you not looseing detail that rediculus all the is happening is becuse of the physics of light you are now resovleing detail to the point where diffraction become visble useing a lower resolution sensor just doesent let you resovle the detail thats there

    so diffraction is not the limit it seems just downres to 12 mp :P

    light gathering ability per pixel and s/n ratio is my objection to higher megapixel counts

  3. you cant engineer light.

    all the sensors do is read light levels.

    nikons “cleaner” 12mp sensor are not all they are cracked up to be canon gives you more detail and comparable noise

    imo take your 18mp canon file nr it proper then down rez it with bicubic sharper in cs4 and you will have a better final image then the nikon file

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