No specs were given, but I'm told we can expect a 1Ds4 and 60D to be announced in February. There won't be a Rebel until the “MAM” quarter.

Another email says we can expect 3 lenses to be announced in February

More to come I'm sure.


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  1. Charles Bronson on

    From what I understand the AF system in the 7D is far superior to the one in the 5DII, which would probably add to the cost. Not to mention the flash transmitter doohickey, and whatever else little extras the 7D has that the 5DII doesn’t.

    It would seem that a FF 7D-esque camera would cut into the 1D line, which is why we may never see it.

  2. agreed on the 3D/7DFF.

    if that gets released, it will cannibalize the 1 series.

    even the 1ds only has 5fps.

    anyway, i’m waiting for the 135 IS version (in reply to the above, because i won’t be using it in a studio, i need handheld ambient lighting IS)

    50 1.4 II would be very welcome

    even a 35 f2 or f1.8 is needed to match the nikkor counterpart. i’m a canon user, but i’d actually advise newbies who don’t plan to shell out on 2.8 zooms to get a nikon body and the 35, 50 and 85 1.8 primes. (i have the 35 1.4, but sometimes, it’s just simpler to bring a small lens)

    85 1.4 would be welcome as well, price gap and weight gap between the 1.2 and 1.8 (which i have) is way too big. (they did it for the 50 FL, why not 85)

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