Pricing Update [CR2]
These are unconfirmed prices I've received from a few sources.

In USA: $1699 Body
In Canada: $1999 Body

I have no Europe, Asia or Pacific pricing at the moment.

thanks those who tipped on this

EOS 7D Specs

7D 150x150 - Odds & Ends *UPDATED*
"EOS 7D"

– dual digic 4
– 8 fps
– 19 af points
– ISO 100-6400 (L & H1 & H2)
– 63 metering zones
– 100% viewfinder
– Horizon Help Viewfinder
– 3″ VGA LCD
– FullHD Video

I still stick to the wireless flash master being built in. A few people are writing me saying it's not in the camera. My source on the issue is top notch.

Sensor Size
The camera is almost obviously APS-C (1.6x Crop)

EF-S Lenses aren't mounting on an APS-H body (without pulling the back off the lens). The prism on the top of the camera is too small for an APS-H viewfinder with 100% view. That is merely my opinion.

To keep this camera under $2000, I can't see how they can make a larger sensor. Again, my opinion.

SX20 IS & SX120 IS Appear at Best Buy USA

sx120 225x300 - Odds & Ends *UPDATED*
SX120 IS Best Buy
Sx20 225x300 - Odds & Ends *UPDATED*
SX20 IS Best Buy

thanks Mike



  1. I love all the brilliant people that keep pointing to this article. You are COMPLETELY misreading the article if you think it claims that higher pixel density changes diffraction limit at all. Pixel density has NOTHING to do with diffraction. It is purely a function of aperture vs sensor size.

  2. Is 7D/60D a Full Frame? i am holding my purchase on the 5D MarkII for this release from a month……

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