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Patent: 8-15mm fisheye zoom for mirrorless

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An optical formula patent application for an 8-15mm fisheye zoom lens has appeared at the USPTO.

The patent covers both the APS-C (EF-M) and full-frame (RF) mirrorless mounts as the backfocus for each embodiment is well shorter than the EF’s 44mm.

APS-C embodiment:

Focal length: 5.30mm  – 9.51mm
F-number: 3.50   3.50
Angle of view: 181.00° 182.00°
Image height: 7.50mm  13.50mm
Total lens length: 77.28mm  – 69.52mm
BF: 11.09mm  16.77mm

Full-frame embodiment:

Focal length: 8.01mm  15.30mm
F-number: 3.78   4.60
Angle of view: 177.30° – 183.10°
Image height: 11.15mm  21.64mm
Total lens length: 105.23mm – 103.57mm
BF: 12.00mm  28.46mm