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*UPDATE* Canon Patents

Aren’t patents fun? One thing I hate about patents is I can’t read them. I read through the 4 of these and still had no idea what they were.

One of our commenters did however.

“The first patent is describing a read out shift which only is useful in video recording. The patents 2 and 3 rely on the optical IS element doing the dirty work and the third describes a way of moving the relevant lens elements in an IS lens. So nothing, as in not a single thing, is implicating more than the presence of sensors that detect motion inside the body – the chore of correcting for that motion falls to the IS group.”

So there you have it. Thanks Karl. I love when these things are explained in english.

Canon is apparently top 5 every year for patents awarded. They were #2 in 2005 behind Big Blue.

In Body & In Lens Stabilization Patents
I haven’t had any time to read through these patents thoroughly, I only have my phone. However, I’m told the following 4 patents may be of great interest to Canon users.


20090231444 PDF

20090231452 PDF

20090232483 PDF

thanks Sean


55 responses to “*UPDATE* Canon Patents”

  1. People has measued that Canon camera’s noise is mostly generated during the Read phrase, so the first patent might be able to greatly improve image quality.

    The 3 patent is almost the same as 2nd one might be more detailed.

    The 4th patent is the machinery of patent No.2 and 3, which looking like a powershot or camcorder lense to me.

  2. One thing’s for sure: given the exploded diagram and nature of lens groupings as visible in very detailed patent drawings on the 20090232483.PDF – this is certainly no SLR lens.

    Given the nature of others’ comments regarding video feed, it could be a highly-integrated video component of a point-and-shoot variety, or a new video camera about to be released.

    Anyway, it’s non-SLR, so I’m not that piqued.

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