Short range wireless communication
Canon has applied for a patent that would allow short range wireless communication between the lens and camera body, as well as the flash to camera body and live view to computer. This sort of technology could also be used for an electronic view finder.

Patent Publication No. 2012-2984

  • 2012.1.5 Release Date
  • Filing date 2010.6.16

Electrical contact

  • Increasing contact for additional functions and a loss of compatibility with legacy equipment
  • Problems such as dirt and wear


  • Not a problem unique to the electrical contact
  • Might be intercepted

Canon's patented

  • Short-range wireless
  • Reduce the output of the radio, about 30 ~ 50mm and the radius of the wave communications
  • Communication from the reach of the waves inside of the equipment is not leaking
  • In range because there is only one model, no pairing
Source: [EG]


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