What's coming in the spring?
It will be a very busy spring for the Canon product line. I'm told we can expect the following in some form or another.

The 500D
Resolution: 15mp
FPS: 3.5
ISO: 100-3200
AF: 9 point
Memory: SD Card
Feature: Liveview (Faster AF)
Feature: HDMI Out
Feature: Movie Mode (I'm told with a form of AF)

The Rebel XS could also see a refresh at the same time. A rebadged XSi probably.

Pro Bodies
I have no definitive information about the 1D bodies. There is a growing community that thinks the 1Ds and 1D will be merged. You'll get your 10fps at 12mp using sRAW and that sort of thing.

Other SLRs?
There's a chance of a new camera line all together being launched. I have no info other than it's being developed.

CMOS Compacts
There will be as many as 3 CMOS based point & shoot cameras coming. One of them will be a high end G level camera. The SX1 IS will also become available in North America in some form.

A CMOS elph can be expected as well.

I have no info on coming lenses.

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