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Powershot Rumors [CR1]

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A 2nd waterproof added to the lineup?

There could be a slimmer and trimmer version of the D10 coming down the pipe. It would be an addition to the lineup and not a replacement of the very successful D10. It would be 12mp, have 720p video and have a depth rating of 10 feet.

Possibly the most successful line of ELPH cameras, the SD1xxx series will receive a bit of a makeover. Expect to see a 2.7 inch screen and a slimmer body shape.

The replacement of the SX200 will be along the same lines with a new selection of colours and a user selectable popup flash.

All CR1 stuff, stuff should start rolling after the holidays.

I’m currently in Ireland visiting the inlaws. I have a mobile internet stick, so keep the emails coming!


15 responses to “Powershot Rumors [CR1]”

  1. Hej, all I want are the PAvTvM back on the powershots A. A730 IS, please !
    No need for more IXUS’s with 14 Mpixels nor A2200 IS, another IXUS using AA. :/
    And put a proper grip on the SX210 IS, the SX200 IS is hard to handle.

  2. D11 Waterproofing…

    What’s the point of waterproofing to 10 feet? If you drop it in a puddle you only need a few inches. If you are snorkeling 10 feet is just not enough.

    If they offer a camera I can take underwater without a housing on my next vacation, and I’ll buy in a second. I’m not asking for scuba depths, just 20 or 30 feet so I’m not likely to blow the seals while snorkeling.

    Hmm – another site says 10 meters for the D10. If that’s the number for the D11, I’ll have to stop complaining and pull out the credit card. At least if the rumor is true.

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