Canon Powershot SX1 IS
SX1 IS Firmware 2.0.0

As promised
Canon has released the new firmware for the SX1 IS. This will bring the non North American cameras up to date.

Version firmware newly incorporates a RAW image recording function.

You can download the version firmware from next page and update the firmware of your PowerShot SX1 IS camera to add this RAW image recording function.

Download Here:



  1. Although it looks like you can download the firmware update, every time I enter the serial number it tell me there’s an ‘access error’. Canon Technical say it’s only meant for Japanese users as it’s the jp site and to wait for the European version to be available.

  2. I *think* lightroom can treat CA even on JPEGs. But I may be wrong. It is really meant for red/cyan colour shifts. If it is blue and thick at the highlight edges, unfortunately even RAW isn’t going to help.

  3. No RAW image in 16:9 mode
    No My Color Function
    No i-contrast
    Poorer face detection
    Poorer Servo AF

    Hope that the newer version will be available soon…

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