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Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR

What does CR Guy See Coming?
As always, trying to predict what giant multinational corporations is going to do with product development can be hard, but I’ll give it a go.

Digital SLR
Canon needs to get back in the game as far as DSLR’s go. There is a perception that Canon has fallen behind Nikon as far as tech goes. Is it true? Maybe a little bit. There’s no reason Canon can’t be out front of Nikon, they have the resources and manufacturing capabilities to take back the crown.

1Ds Mark IV
– 32mp or higher sensor.
– Same autofocus system as 1D4
– 5fps
– New video features to separate it from the rest of the lineup.

The Rebel Line
– Two new cameras
– One camera will be 12mp and the other 18mp (Same as the 7D)
– One camera will have an articulating display
– Both cameras will have movie modes, one being better than the other.
– Ergonomic upgrades (Scrollwheel!) Maybe more of a wish than a prediction
– New chipped batteries
– Both cameras in the 3fps to 4fps range

– 18mp sensor (Same as 7D)
– 720p Video Mode @ 30fps. 1080p maybe.
– 6.3fps
– A new autofocus system based on the 7D, but less focus points.
– Missing some of the 7D bells and whistles like the electronic level.
– Smaller VF than the 7D

– This is actually a hard camera to predict. What will they leave out from the 7D?

– FF in the 16-21mp range.
– 4-6.3fps
– New sensor technology
– Same size as 5D2
– 7D Autofocus system
– 1080p movie mode, same as 5D2

EVIL (Electronic viewfinder interchangeable lenses)
There will be no Micro 4/3 style camera from Canon in 2010. If they ever get on board, they will be the last one to do so.

So that makes 5 new SLR’s in 2010. That could be far fetched, but why not? 2010 is going to be a better year for most everyone.

Part 2 (Later today)
I will focus on lenses.


84 responses to “Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR”

  1. I guess no matter what there will be some sort of compromise.

    My concern is because I shoot mostly landscapes, but I do often make prints larger than 8×10. On my 12mp 450D I’m mostly happy, until I print really large photos, at which point I feel they could look a little sharper sometimes. I don’t usually go past f8 or 10.

    I’m not sure what the best compromise would be for resolution on a 1.6x crop body. I was thinking something in the neighborhood of 15mp might be ideal. Or maybe full frame is really the way to go, though I’m not sure I want to spend so much on a camera.

  2. well… it get’s fairly “complicated” and subjective, it all comes down to “how sharp is sharp”. Technically speaking if you have perfect 20/20 vision, and look at a 11×14 inch print from 25 cm away, taken on a 1.6 crop it could potentially be diffraction limited at anything smaller then f4, but chances are unless you had it side by side with a shot that wasn’t diffraction limited you wouldn’t be able to tell. In fact it probably wouldn’t be obvious till about f/8.

    I think the important thing to remember is the resolution of the sensor isn’t really a big factor, if you down sample an 18 mp file to 15 and take a strait 15 mp file at identical settings, there will be no difference in terms of the effects from diffraction.

    IMHO Full frame is the way to go, especially if your looking at landscapes, I mean ideally landscapes should be on large format, where you can shoot wide open or slightly closed down and use movements to maximize DOF. A larger recording area will almost always produce better IQ assuming both have comparable resolving power.

    Maybe consider a second hand 5D, a camera that has some of the best per pixel sharpness to date. Or if you want to stay cropped and camera responsiveness isn’t a big issue get a 50D rather then a 7D.

  3. It’s a nice thought, but there isn’t much they can take out of the 5d II to make it any more basic, like the AF is already lower grade then the 50D, the body construction is nothing special, aside from putting in a smaller view finder (which to me is a bad idea because that makes it less of a joy to use) and maybe knocking down the ergonomics so that they lose the second control wheel… how much can they really take out?

    I think the next installment of the 5d will be even more competitively priced and potentially have better features in terms of AF etc, maybe then, they could consider doing a smiler thing they do with the XXXD series where they sell both the 450d and the 500d, but it’s harder to do that in a much smaller % of sales.

  4. Well even if we’re talking canon vs nikon, as much as the canon users bitch about the 5d II, it still outsells the d700 by a decent margin, if you look at % of market share, the 5d II usually ranks in the top 20, the d700 isn’t even on the list.

    I mean I myself am in the boat who desperately wishes the 5D II was just a little better in the AF department, and maybe the construction, but sales don’t lie, and canon seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to getting their market share.

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