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Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR

What does CR Guy See Coming?
As always, trying to predict what giant multinational corporations is going to do with product development can be hard, but I’ll give it a go.

Digital SLR
Canon needs to get back in the game as far as DSLR’s go. There is a perception that Canon has fallen behind Nikon as far as tech goes. Is it true? Maybe a little bit. There’s no reason Canon can’t be out front of Nikon, they have the resources and manufacturing capabilities to take back the crown.

1Ds Mark IV
– 32mp or higher sensor.
– Same autofocus system as 1D4
– 5fps
– New video features to separate it from the rest of the lineup.

The Rebel Line
– Two new cameras
– One camera will be 12mp and the other 18mp (Same as the 7D)
– One camera will have an articulating display
– Both cameras will have movie modes, one being better than the other.
– Ergonomic upgrades (Scrollwheel!) Maybe more of a wish than a prediction
– New chipped batteries
– Both cameras in the 3fps to 4fps range

– 18mp sensor (Same as 7D)
– 720p Video Mode @ 30fps. 1080p maybe.
– 6.3fps
– A new autofocus system based on the 7D, but less focus points.
– Missing some of the 7D bells and whistles like the electronic level.
– Smaller VF than the 7D

– This is actually a hard camera to predict. What will they leave out from the 7D?

– FF in the 16-21mp range.
– 4-6.3fps
– New sensor technology
– Same size as 5D2
– 7D Autofocus system
– 1080p movie mode, same as 5D2

EVIL (Electronic viewfinder interchangeable lenses)
There will be no Micro 4/3 style camera from Canon in 2010. If they ever get on board, they will be the last one to do so.

So that makes 5 new SLR’s in 2010. That could be far fetched, but why not? 2010 is going to be a better year for most everyone.

Part 2 (Later today)
I will focus on lenses.


84 responses to “Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR”

  1. It won’t “solve” the diffraction limit, here’s what happens, essentially when you squeeze light through a small hole it disperses or diffracts, reducing the absolute amount you can resolve, when you resolve the same amount over a larger area this effect becomes less and less (one of the advantages of full frame or med format).

    The issue is that when you shoot closed down on a relatively small area like a 1.6 crop camera with a lot of resolution, 18mp in the case of the 7d, the light is diffracted enough that the conditions are no longer available to resolve 18mp worth of detail. How ever, it’s not diffraction limited until you view the file close zoomed in enough, or a big enough print that you can SEE the effects of diffraction, at which point it is said to be diffraction limited.

    If you shoot sRAW your essentially just throwing out some of the pixels, that’s not to say diffraction didn’t occur, but when you zoom into 100% it won’t be as obvious because of the information you disgarded, how ever it won’t make your photo any more or less sharp.

    A rule of thumb, is to stop down to the “sweet spot” of the lens, and no further unless you need the extra depth of field.

    If diffraction seriously concerns you read this:

  2. My prediction for 2010 is that Canon will release the FIRST affordable FF dslr for the consumer.

    Wether it’s part of the Rebel line, or the XXD line, I truly feel that if Canon did this, it’d push all the competitors back on their heels and send them scrambling.

    A truly affordable FF dslr would be a game changer. I don’t think it would canabalized 5D sales. In fact, I could see alot of professional photogs buying a FF Rebel or XXD as a back up.

    Plus it would open up the world of FF to a WHOLE new demo. Cause lets face it, point and shoots are getting better and better. 4/3rds is out there. I think people WANT to make that leap to FF, but many aren’t willing to shell out nearly 3 grand for a body.

    A basic FF in sub $1,000 or slightly over body would put Canon back on top IMHO and steal the thunder back from Nikon.

    I don’t know if this is a hope more than a prediction for 2010, but I feel this is the direction Canon is headed eventually. :-)

  3. Seriously! These predicted specs for the 3D are the only thing that’s going to get me to upgrade from my original 5D. All I want is a full frame camera with professional quality autofocus and great current generation high ISO quality. No need for 32MP or whatever the 1DS IV will be.

  4. /Cranky = 1
    Hope I’m wrong but I don’t see Canon doing anything interesting till summer. The $5,000 photojournalism 1DMarkIV is all we’ll see at CES. Great camera but sheesh, $5K? The 7D is a nice good lighting bird camera.

    Also, the promised and pre announced 5D Mark II firmware upgrade is evidence the 3D is nowhere in sight. The pre-announce is to keep 5DMII sales going by promising something found in the nearly half the price 7D.

    I’m very disappointed at Canon in the mid range of the market, and I’m still sitting on my 30D for that reason.

    /Cranky = 0

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