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Rebel T1/1500D [CR2]

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New Rebel coming
From a new source.

“The Canon 1500D/T1 will be announced soon -intended for sale during the Christmas season. The announcement is in fact very close”

* Same 12MP sensor as 450D/XSi
* Digic 4
* Movie mode added: up to HD 1080, only 1 frame rate option at that size, 30fps
* Fixed LCD 460K dots
* No significant changes in size, weight or price. Price will of course be close to 1000D’s MSRP at launch.


71 responses to “Rebel T1/1500D [CR2]”

  1. So then I am not the only one holding my breath for the announcement and doing daily google searches!

  2. I’ve now received Christmas catalogues from a couple of photographic retailers in the UK. EOS1000D featuring in both. If the 1500D was going to be released in time for Christmas 09 I would thought they would have held off to the launch date.

    Also, the Autumn UK cashback offer is only on the 450D and 500D – so no trying to shift remaining stocks of 1000D there.

    Probably getting too late now for Christmas, I guess the next opportunity will be CES. Still googling daily though :-)

  3. I just got a Rebel T1!!!!!


    ~ 900 MP sensor (sensor is approx the size of a man-hole cover
    ~ ISO up to 600 million
    ~ at max ISO flash has a range of 15 miles, will melt glass at 1 mile and less
    ~ capable of 2,400 fps burst shooting
    ~ max shutter speed of 1/1 trillionth of a second
    ~ it has 40 hotshoes for more flashes
    ~ it has 15 thumbwheels and 10 lcd screens
    ~ the main LCD is 40 inches wide and features 100 billion pixels
    ~ it also spontaneously upgrades it’s hardware so it’s always cutting edge
    ~ the kit lens it comes with is a 1mm-900,000,000,000 mm IS lens…it weighs 2 metric tons
    ~ it’s powered by a 2 stroke gasoline motor

    pretty sweet.

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