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Review – Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II

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LAUSCHSICHT has completed their review of the brand new Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II. The review was done after using the camera for a SWISS International Airlines production.

So at the moment we’re very positive about this camera. It’s fun to shoot with. It supports us with an impressive auto focus system, a nice button layout, internal ND, internal recording (meaning no external bulk attached) and long battery life. The dynamic range is impressive and the image that comes out of it looks more than promising. Noise feels more like grain, banding is not visible and color correction is turning the very flat CLog2 and C.Gamma images into stunning shots. It adapts to many shooting situations. It just feels like a good teamplayer. It’s about twice the price of an FS7 – yes. Is it worth it? I can’t really answer that but to be honest it feels like I don’t wanna give it back. Read the full review

Order From B&H Photo: Canon EOS C300 Mark II EF| Canon EOS C300 Mark II PL

CANON EOS C300 MARK II | World of SWISS | Production Impressions from LAUSCHSICHT on Vimeo.

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