Bryan at The-Digital-Picture has completed his review of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. It's a pretty thorough write-up and reaches the same conclusions as others have. This is simply a very good APS-C camera and should be considered if you're in the market for a new crop sensor camera, or as a partner or backup to your full frame body.

From TDP
“The 7D Mark II leaves no doubt about its rule of the Canon APS-C sensor lineup. With an advanced and extremely capable AF system, fast burst rate, Dual Pixel AF and customizable Movie Servo AF, the EOS 7D Mark II is going to find its way into a wide range of photographers’ kits where its use will be either as a primary camera or secondary to an EOS 5D Mark III or 6D. Its speed-oriented feature set is especially well-suited for wildlife and sports action photography, yet anyone wanting to step up from an ***D/Rebel or **D series camera should seriously consider the 7D Mark II because of its great versatility, solid ruggedness and excellent value.”

Read the full reviewEOS 7D Mark II in stock $1799: B&H Photo | Amazon


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