In case you missed it (I did), DPReview has completed their review of the recently released Canon EOS 80D. A very good upgrade from the EOS 70D which served Canon quite well. The new camera seems to refine the strengths of its predecessor and improve a lot of areas of weakness.

From DPReview:

But the D7200 and 80D are both starting to look a bit old fashioned compared to to the current crop of 4K-capable mirrorless APS-C cameras, like the Sony a6300. Of course, while the 80D may look completely inferior to the a6300 on paper, specs aren't everything. In most ways the 80D feels like a more refined product both in terms of build and operation. It's also much easier to use. It's for these reasons I see the 80D as a potentially more appealing choice for enthusiasts. This is especially true if you are less concerned with specs and more concerned with getting the shot, without getting lost in menu options. On the other hand the Sony is much more capable when it comes to video (flat picture profile, zebra warnings), but only if you know how to use those features. Read the full review

The Canon EOS 80D is our favourite xxD camera since the EOS 40D.

Canon EOS 80D

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