Dustin Abbott has completed our review of the Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera body. While it's a big improvement over the original EOS M, it still feels like Canon isn't fully behind the EOS M system.

The original M was famous (infamous?) for its slow autofocus performance upon its introduction. Canon was later able to unlock MUCH better AF performance with a firmware update down the road. The M3 employs Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF III system which uses a combination of contrast-based and phase-detect technologies and embeds 49 points across most of the sensor’s area (about 80% vertical and 70% horizontal coverage). Canon claims that it focuses up to 6.1x faster than the original M, and perhaps that is true of before the firmware update to the original M, but frankly the camera only feels marginally faster to me at best. Read the full review

Here's hoping the next iteration of the EOS M fixes the issues found in the EOS M3.

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