The-Digital-Picture has completed their extensive review of the brand new Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Tilt-Shift lens, and as we've seen across the web since the latest trip of tilt-shift lenses was announced, this lens is terrific.

In summary:

If this lens and its special features are what you need (or you can make it work for your needs), it is a spectacular performer in a well-built package.

A tilt-shift lens can be as easy to use as any manual-focus prime lens. Or, it can be very complex. While simplicity is great, complexity can be a differentiator for your work and a barrier to entry for those wishing to compete. If a photographer has a lens with tilt-shift movements, they can raise the bar on their imagery.

Do you ever find yourself in a photographic rut? Or are you interested in taking your photography skills and imagery to the next step? A tilt-shift lens may be exactly what you need. When the focus plane can be tilted and perspective correction (or the opposite) can be applied, old subjects look new again. Read the full review

I tried to get one for an upcoming Tanzania trip, but I was unable to through the CPS Canada program. So, I'll be waiting a little while longer to try this impressive lens out.

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