Mr Galbraith says “No, it's not better”.

I stopped reading his reports about the 1D/1Ds autofocus issues after I couldn't replicate them. 300 2.8's, 500 f/4's, telelconverters… I couldn't make the camera AF as poor as he claims it does. I have no idea what to think really.

Here's his report anyway.


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  1. Billy Bob Gaits on

    Did I see Nikon ads where Canon ads once where on RG’s site? Gee he’s becoming the Pop Photo of the internet world. Take money from Nikon and Nikon can do no wrong and Canon can do nothing right. This mantra has worked well for Pop Photo for years.

  2. I think Rob’s analysis is solid, but 99% of users may not be anywhere near as disappointed with the results. If you are moving up from any Canon body except the 1D MKII N, the 1D MKIII will have better focus performance than your current equipment. If you are coming from an XTi or a 20D, you’ll think Rob is crazy, becuase the 1D MKIII will shoot circles around the older units.

    I shoot sports professionally, and I somehow survive with the 1D MKII, the 5D MKII, and two Rebels.

  3. Tarjei T. Jensen on

    I have sort of read the articles. What I miss is a complete overview of settings on the cameras used in the test.

    I know that it is possible to vary sensitivity of the AF to a large degree.

    I have no reason to doubt Rob Galbraith, but I would be more comfortable with the conclusion if there was a complete list of the settings on the camera.

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