What rumors are better than others?
I've decided to add a rating system to the rumors I receive from people. The better the source, the better the rating. Some stuff I'm told is pretty out there, while other stuff is bang on.

I'm stealing this idea from another site that does hockey rumors (yes, yes… Canadians like hockey).

Rating System:

CR1 – The source is probably a 4 legged animal of some kind.
CR2 – Could be human, but making stuff up.
CR3 – Believable rumor, from a source that hasn't earned full trust.
CR4 – A trusted source who is pretty sure.
CR5 – Write this one in the history books, it's a done deal.

I hope this helps people gauge the rumors, and realize I'm not just making random stuff up. I want to be as honest on the site as possible.

Any questions, fire away.

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