Adorama has the SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE 1TB SSD TRANSPORT as their Deal of the Day for only $129 after a stacked instant rebate and in-cart coupon.

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE

  • Assemble Your Ultimate Workflow SSD
  • Innovative Modular SSD Ecosystem
  • Ultra-rugged Portability with the PRO-BLADE SSD Mag Amplify Your Carrying Capacity
  • Sustains its Cool Under Pressure
  • Get Longer Takes and Faster Offloads

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE 1TB SSD TRANSPORT $129 (Reg $239)

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  1. Sadly, SanDisk's name in the SSD space is absolutely over. They're dead. SanDisk is black listed by the marketing agencies I work for after we had 3 total drive failures. I warned about the problems with some colleagues in the media tower back in September and I KID YOU NOT, someone's failed that weekend after he boasted about it saying "these have never given me any issues". He took his chances and lost. The guy practically wanted to vomit in a the corner because he lost 2TB of work that still hasn't been recovered (according to a post he made recently).

    If you're using a SanDisk SSD of any model - STOP. This isn't a joke or some BS, this is a bad and defective product. I wouldn't take chances with anything they make ever again.
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  2. I’ve never had any problems with SanDisk SSDs. I suppose it’s possible that’s because I’ve never owned one. :p

    I’ve got a bunch of Samsung SSDs (1-2 TB) that have served me well.
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  3. It's really hard to find decent SSDs, even in the datacenter space. We've had 3 generations of Micron SSDs that, with the default settings, will cause data loss. Micron support is very friendly and competent right up to the point where you point out the bugs in the SSD firmware.

    At home I've had good success with Samsung SSDs (EVO, Pro and the OEM PMxxxx) and recently with WD black and blue models, even though WD owns SanDisk (or vice versa).
    If you're hooking up the SSDs over thunderbolt to MacOS, do a bit of research to see which SSDs play nice. One of the big differences between MacOS and windows/linux is that Apple doesn't support Host Memory Buffer. That's a 'feature' where the OS uses its RAM as cache for those DRAMless SSDs. Those include pretty much all m.2x30 and m.2x42 drives and virtually any drive cheaper than the matching Samsung model.
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