Sony has moved most of its camera manufacturing to Thailand due to geopolitical forces. US-China trade relations have been contentious for quite some time and it appears that Sony is being proactive in case there are further trade challenges between China, the EU and the United States.

From Nikkei

The Sony Group transferred production of cameras sold in Japan, the U.S. and Europe from China to its plant in Thailand. In principle, Chinese factories only produce products for China. The intensification of the US-China confrontation and the lockdown associated with the “zero corona” policy are increasing the risk of making China the core of the global supply chain. Companies are making full-scale preparations to avoid supply chain dysfunction.

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  1. Like Nikon, on the box of my wife's D500 I noticed "Made in Thailand". I hope that Canon at least will stick with Japan for the more expensive gear, to keep its high quality standards. We had much more issues, including expensive repair, with our Nikon (and Sigma) than with our Canon gear. Doing birding and other wildlife, we really find out the hard way how rugged gear is, and here Canon's pro and semipro gear, cameras & lenses, still shine (my vintage, now 27 years old EF 500mm f/4.5 still works perfectly). For Sony, reaching Nikon's quality level of today is okay :devilish:

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