Canon Lens Rumors

Sooooo, f/11 you say? What’s Canon up to with these upcoming supertelephoto lenses?

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I’ve known about the RF 600mm f/11 DO IS STM and RF 800 f/11 DO IS STM since about mid-February, I was confused then and I’m confused now.

Who are these lenses for? Is there possibly some software trickery coming to Canon EOS R cameras?

I’m thinking about using these lenses on safari for example. I’m not sure there is enough light at dawn and dusk to shoot the wildlife, and there’s no point in shooting at noon under the high sun.

What about videographers, is there any use for f/11 outside of specific situations?

I’d love to hear your ideas about what these lenses are for.

I know three more lenses that are for sure coming in 2021 and I will write about them soon.

Canon News was reminded of a patent from last year for these optical formulas, and the designs are very simple.

Canon RF 800mm f/11

  • Focal Length 780.00
  • F-Number 11.00
  • Half Field Angle 1.59 (.degree.)
  • Image Height 21.64
  • Total Length of 389.25
  • Lens BF 127.73

Canon RF 600mm f/11

  • Focal Length 585.00
  • F-Number 10.99
  • Half Field Angle 2.12 (.degree.)
  • Image Height 21.64
  • Total Length of 334.87
  • Lens BF 134.40

Canon RF 400mm f/8

  • Focal Length 390.00
  • F-Number 8.20
  • Half Field Angle 3.18 (.degree.)
  • Image Height 21.64
  • Total Length of 250.00
  • Lens BF 92.99