After reading carefully what you guys/gals desire in new products from Canon, a few things stood out.

Less is more
Dear Canon

Let's pull back on the megapixel numbers for the sake of image quality.

A larger CMOS sensor in the 8mp range with A+ ISO 1600 performance in a new G series camera. If Canon treated this as a niche market camera, it could do very well. Not all consumers are blinded by meaningless numbers.

A wider EF-S zoom
A few people wrote about wanting an EF-S zoom starting at 15mm. If Canon does do a new zoom, going from 17 to 15 would be a welcomed change. 15-85 f/4-5.6 IS? Makes sense to me and the added 3mm would make a difference.

Little Nikon things
A screen cover. This is ok, but I prefer the stick on screen protectors. I have a big nose, adding more bulk to the back would be uncomfortable. =D

A Canon D300. The D300 is a fantastic camera, the problem is the 40D will equal its IQ for $860 less (B&H). Is a VGA screen and more focus points worth that money? 95% of people will never use the other features built into the D300.

VGA screens. They are lovely to look at, I don't think they are deal breakers. I don't see people dumping their Canon gear for Sony A700's. The VGA screens will be coming to Canon in the way of OLED, or so the rumors goes.

5D Mark II
Yes, it's coming. Want it done right? Enjoy your 5D, you still have one of the finest photographic tools out there.

UPDATE: 6×6 Mode
Well my 1d3 has this mode, I believe DPP will crop to the guides seen on the LCD. Correct me if I'm wrong. I've never actually tried the feature.

I think it would be cool to actually see this in the viewfinder. The D3 does some of this.

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