Photographers from around the world (me included) have been waiting all year for today the launch date of the largest and most highly discounted photography bundle!

It's The Complete Photography Bundle and this year's product compilation is the best I've seen since the company began in 2013. Trust me, you're going to be blown away!

The resources come from accomplished and notable brands, seasoned photographers, and industry experts whose creative work and teaching acumen are known around the world.

But here's the thing, it's only available for 5 days

Learn more about The Complete Photography Bundle 2019

The 2019 Complete Photography Bundle is an exclusive collection that is, many of these resources can't be found anywhere else. The sale ends October 8th at 12:00 PM (noon) PDT. That means, if you miss out, you'll never have the chance to grab up these exclusive materials again.

Stop wasting time and money online trying to piece together the skills you need to create stunning photos. Learn from the professionals that deliver the goods.

Even better than the mammoth savings on this bundle is the fact that 5DayDeal uses this sale as a means of raising a ton of money for nonprofits! So you can feel even better about your purchase.

Ten percent of the bundle revenue ($8.90 per sale) goes directly to four charities doing incredible things like making wishes come true for children with critical illnesses, providing life-changing surgeries aboard hospital ships in places where medical care is nearly non-existent, treating and preventing avoidable blindness, and providing financial assistance to  environmental, humanitarian and other charitable causes worldwide.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Orbis, The 5DayDeal Foundation, and Mercy Ships are this year's chosen recipients for the 5DayDeal fundraising efforts. Join this creative community of photographers in helping to reach the goal of raising $80,000 in 5 days (Oct. 3-8).

Click here to do your part and help make a 5DayDifference.

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  1. Has anyone here ever ordered off this thing?

    I've looked the past few years and I just really see nothing of value it just me?

    These bundles sell extremely well. I only promote 5DayDeal bundles because I've never received any hate mail about the bundles or value.
  2. For 89 bucks there's probably SOMETHING there, but of course I'm a relative n00b compared to most here.
    Oh, I think Aurora HDR is probably good if you need it, but most of the others?
  3. I've bought it in the past. It's not terrible but it a load of recycled videos , tutorials and software that probably have little individual value.
    The total value is a complete exaggeration as no one would pay the full price for them.
    if you were starting out it may be worth it. It does tend to contain useful information if you have hours to absorb it.
    There are alot of very good free videos on Youtube anyway.
    Usually there is a limited download time and the total size of the downloads is big.
    With the money its raising for charity i can just imagine how much it is raking in total.
    For the creators they may as well get something for the videos they've already created and try to sell themselves.
    I'd say the organisers are the big winners.
  4. Their prices for the individual items certainly seem to come from some fantasy world where the producers wish they would sell for that much.
    It's up to them to sell their content for whatever price, I guess they know better what price tag to stick.

    With this bundle, I hardly imagine one will buy and use all the contents, but if you need aurora HDR and say a portraiture tutorial for a discounted price, why not. Some of the paid tutorials may be better than the free ones on YouTube.

    I hesitated but decided I'd better buy a new ballhead for my tripod, the old one kinda plays and sucks.
  5. The only thing that seems of value is Aurora HDR. So if you like the artificial look which some people do then, it may be worth a try, but check around first for other prices.

    Personally, I would not want all that crap and I suspect most photographers would not spend time going through all of it. More is not always better.

    I have no interest any any of this even if it were free.
  6. Jeah, thanks but no thanks :-D

    Hmm. I have a hard time believing anything with real value being offered at 97% discount.
    In this context, “value” is being conflated with “retail price.”
    This is 100% correct. There is absolutely no value if you can offer a 97% discount. These are not "photography tools worth 2900$". These are fantasy prices.
    200$ to "master the difficult topic of exposure"! What a steal. I could get only like 5 good books about photography for this price.
    127$ for 50 Capture one presets?! I can build these in 5 minutes by myself, but I wont, because presets rarely ever work on a different photo and are rarely ever "universal".
    And dont miss out on the 50$ tutorial for making movies in Photoshop, by "THE leading guru in editing Video in Photoshop"! Guess what, there is only one person on earth that uses photoshop for video editing, and thats why he is the leading guru.
    And the best price is only 348$ to master Lightroom ("one of the best food photo editing apps"!) and learn to "Transform those RAW, blah images into stunning, professional food photos that will make your clients and audience drool." A real steal! =)
  7. If you're a seasoned photographer and well experienced with composition, post production and other related topics, don't buy it. However the Aurora is good for $89. Maybe someone who is in the beginning stages of their career could benefit from this. The hyperinflated cost of $2900.00 is ridiculous but for $89 you can't lose.
  8. Hmm...I'd have to go to the $152 level to get the things I"d actually be interested in....the FStoppers Peter Hurley class looks interesting, The Rob Grimm beverage shooting tutorials (watched him on Creative Live awhile back, was quite interesting)....

    Plus in the level below that one is included and has some asltrophotograpy info that looks interesting....

    I dunno....I got money I need to save for hardware, figure I can figure out the rest....but a couple of those are tempting with a closer look.


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