The Canon EOS 8D
Over the last couple of weeks we've seen a few rumors for a Canon EOS 8D camera body. It first appeared on a Russian retailers web site (We won't link because I think they're just fishing for traffic) around the time of the EOS 70D announcement.

Today, we see a spec list published for the Canon EOS 8D on a Chinese retailer's web site, they are below.

  • Body features: APS-C size digital SLR
  • Effective pixels: 16.2 million
  • Mode of operation: full manual operation
  • Video Interface: AV Interface
  • Flash Type: External
  • External flash (hot shoe): Yes
  • Focus Points: 45 points

CR's Take
I file this under nonsense, as there is no Canon EOS 8D in development. If this leaked to a Russian & Chinese retailer, it would have leaked many other places as well. Secondly, the “7D” moniker will continue with the next version of the camera and Canon will not be adding another APS-C DSLR to their lineup.

I resist posting this sort of stuff, however it's now making the rounds so I have to.

Source: [CW] via [NL]


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