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The Canon EOS R6 sensor scores a 90 from DxO

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DxO has completed their review of the Canon EOS R6, and found the sensor to be quite capable, even if it doesn’t move the needle a ton. DxO gave the lower megapixel brother of the Canon EOS R5 a sensor score of 90, which puts it a point behind the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and 5 points behind the Canon EOS R5.

The sensor for the Canon EOS R6 is apparently built on the sensor from the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, and with the latter scoring a 91 from DxO, it appears that they’re closely related.

From DxO:

While the 20 MP sensor may seem an odd choice, this is a variant of the one found in the flagship EOS-1D X Mark III, and the results are practically identical. It performs well across the board with excellent dynamic range at all ISOs. Add to that the sensor’s good color and low noise, and the Canon EOS R6 looks set to be a firm favorite among a wide range of photographers who work across many different genres. Read the full review