1D Mark IV Replacement?
A known source that has been right in the past sent me some info that is nothing like anything I've been told before.

It's claimed the new “1” series camera in 2011 will be a 1D4 replacement and not a new 1Ds. Full frame and slightly lower megapixels (15). Obvious improvements in ISO performance and other minor tweaks.

A short lived “1” series camera has only happened once in the past with the 1D Mark IIn.

This also goes along with the notion that the next 1Ds would be a massive departure from what we have now.

5D Mark III
The same person also touched on the 5D Mark III saying it would be slightly higher megapixel than the current 21mp, and offer an AF system in line with the 7D.

I've been told a couple of times all SLR announcements from Canon will be in the second half of 2011.

CR's Take
I'm posting this because it's from someone that's been on the ball in the past. However, I'm skeptical about a 1D Mark IV replacement coming that quickly. Hopefully I get more information.

The 5D Mark III is probably easier to predict, I expect better AF, more megapixels and some new features.


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