Happiness coming?
I'm told there will be a shakeup in the Canon lineup by the end of 2011.

1Ds Series
We've talked about the amalgamation of the 1D and 1Ds line in the past, the next 1Ds may prove to make that talk a reality. I'm told that there will be no more 1D after the next 1Ds.

Does that mean the next 1Ds will do what the current 1D does? Or will the 1D Mark IV remain current until a 1Ds Mark V? I'm unsure at the moment.

It was also suggested APS-H in the EOS line is finished.

“5D” Series
I call it “series” due to the suggestion of a split in the 5D lineup.

A 5D Mark III with advanced video features and a 5D Mark III for stills?

Canon has yet to directly monetize video capabilities in DSLRs. Yes, the 5D2 is a bigtime video performer, but the camera wouldn't cost less if it didn't shoot video. If Canon does away with the 1D line of cameras, there will be a price hole that a video feature rich camera could fit into.

CR's Take
All plausible and I'm sure I will hear a lot more about these ideas. It doesn't make sense in my mind to have 2 EOS-1 bodies in the lineup, the number of these they sell compared to the 5D Mark II is minuscule.

I wonder about technology though, can you offer a 9fps+ capability in a 30+mp camera? There's lots of technical people that know better than I do.

Splitting the “5” series camera for stills and video has been asked for by a lot of still photographers who don't care about video. You won't see a 5D Mark III still camera with basic video features costing less than the current 5D Mark II, but a 5D Mark III with advanced video features will surely attract a lot of buyers even if it's at a premium.

I'm willing to wager Canon could sell a lot more 5D Mark III “video editions” than 1D Mark Vs.


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