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The Next DSLR from Canon Will Be…

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…. we don’t know.

We knew well in advance that the EOS-1D X Mark II was coming, and knew after that announcement that we’d get the EOS 80D. What’s coming next is currently unknown. Which tells us, there is nothing on the immediate horizon.

The next big show will be NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada starting on April 16, and we expect a few Cinema EOS announcements, but not a DSLR announcement.

We know that the replacement for the EOS 5D Mark III is likely the most highly anticipated Canon imaging product. We don’t think Photokina in September is when the camera will be announced either. We think that show will be used by Canon to show off their new EOS M line of products and perhaps the EOS 6D Mark II. We also don’t think that the EOS 6D Mark II will be announced before an EOS 5D Mark III replacement.

This leaves us with part of April, May and June for an announcement. Nothing ever happens in July and August as far as major product announcements. We are hearing nothing concrete about any other DSLR outside of what has been recently announced.

Going back to NAB, if they do decide to announce a DSLR for that show, it has to shoot 4K video or the poor folks at the Canon booth will be in for a very long week.

I wish I had something of value to post, but I figured I’d address the many questions I receive in a post.

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